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Lead For Future Academy (L4FA) is a community-oriented non-profit organization focusing on strengthening and facilitating community services and educational opportunities mainly for K-12 kids, their parents, and community supporters in Clarksburg, MD.

Clarksburg is the newest town and a rapidly growing community in Montgomery County, MD.   There are ample opportunities for its residents to shape up its community culture.  Innovation for better future community services and educational opportunities is a common interest, beginning from the city planners decades ago, and now by its residents and community supporters.   Founders of Lead 4 Future Academy believe that parents are role models for their children; their ideas and actions will make innovative living and brighter future for new generations possible.   Clarksburg needs strong organizations and groups of people who stand out and organize innovative community activities and educational programs. Lead 4 Future Academy happens to be one of them.

L4FA has generously donated to local schools and APACT (Asian Pacific American Coming Together).